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We really appreciate you wanting to help us have a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. Our objective is to provide a knowledge platform for any business owner, new or established, to start and run the business of their dreams. If you need any assistance or you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We're easy to get to. 🙂 [email protected]

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Thanks for considering applying to become a Referral Partner for the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company and our related products and services.

Wednesday, February 1st, we opened the doors to Founding Members with our amazing one time only payment of $197!! Join us, earn some fees, and help entrepreneurs across the globe.

Below you'll find details on everything, including our Referral Fees, contests and bonus rewards. Thanks for making the time to learn and see if we're a good fit.

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Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company

Special New Referral Partner Bonus

Apply Now and You'll Receive a Pair of Tickets to a
Strategic Alliance Summit in 2017
Value $1,994


Enter Your First Name & Your Email Address To Start The Referral Partner Application

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Join our Referral Program and get paid for recommending two types of people:

The Benefits Of Being A Referral Partner:

Awesome Value!

The single biggest reason to support this program is the tremendous value members will receive.

Already we have over one hundred thousand dollars in high value content, and with more Faculty Members being accepted each week that number continues to grow.

And it's not the just the quantity of content. The quality is amazing. Each Faculty Member has been selected because they are experts on the content they teach. They live and breathe this material. And they're good at sharing their wisdom.

Your tribe will be so glad they found us, and will thank you.

Help Us Help Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

In addition to helping entrepreneurs in developed nations across the globe, we believe in something called Strategic Philanthropy.

So, for every single member we'll contribute money to fund micro-loans in developing countries. For two decades the Founders of Entrepreneur Broadcasting have support micro-lending, and we're proud to carry that tradition on to this venture.

Help us help other entrepreneurs across the globe. You'll be so glad you did.

$10 from every Pre-Launch Membership sold and $1 per month per Member from on-going subscribers will be donated to micro-lending.

Earn Fantastic
Referral Commissions!

We get that you want to make some serious cash so we're paying large referral fees for our Launch and later for our on-going Member Drive for the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company Memberships.

In our Launch you get $100 of the $197 lifetime access fee, or just over 50%. Second Tier Referrals earn $25 as well.

In our on-going Member Drive (second Phase), members will pay $97 a month. You'll earn 25% of that for life. And a second Tier lifetime referral fee of 5%.

Imagine if Netflix paid you 25% of the dues for life? 🙂

Plus, because we truly believe in Strategic Alliances, you earn two tickets to one of our Strategic Alliance Summit live events just for applying (worth $1,994 on their own), and you can earn great prizes in our Launch Contest (see details below).


Enter Your First Name & Your Email Address To Start The Referral Partner Application

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you 🙂

Three Things You Can Promote:

  • Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway - Promote this and get people excited about the opportunity to win a 10 year scholarship to the Momentus Learning Portal for Entrepreneurs valued at over $11,000! This will create a lot of 'instant interest' in the portal and many will decide to buy in because of the great offer. Remember that if they do win, we'll refund their purchase immediately!
  • How to Build a Tribe of Raving Fans Master Class - Taking this path provides real tangible value to your tribe. They'll learn the Master techniques of how to create raving fans for their business. During the Master Class the attendees will be exposed to the Momentus Learning Portal for Entrepreneurs and have an opportunity to take advantage of the Lifetime Access offer.
  • Direct to $197 Lifetime Access Offer - As implied, promoting this means your tribe is instantly exposed to the Lifetime Access offer! This approach sends your peeps directly to the offer. If you think your tribe will respond well to this then go for it!

# 1

Refer Launch Members and Win Apple Products!!

For each person you refer that buys Lifetime Access for $197, you earn $100.

And the top three Referral Partners will earn these Apple Products - a MacBook Pro, an iPad or an Apple Watch!


Wouldn't it be great to start 2017 with a new Mac Book Pro?!!

We know that we'll only reach ten thousands entrepreneurs and those that want to be entrepreneurs is with your help.

So we're investing in you.

Win a new Apple Watch, iPad or a MacBook Pro.

And earn $100 of the $197 Lifetime Access Fee at the same time. Let's start 2017 with a bang.

# 2

Help Us Spread the Word and Earn Up To $7,500 In Bonuses

We're running a Rewards Program to encourage you to encourage others to support us and mail about our Launch Lifetime Access Offer.

For each person you recommend to become a Referral Partner with us, you will earn $25 on each Launch sales they generate.

There are three levels of guaranteed prizes in our Referral Rewards Program:

First, recruit one person that mails, and we'll profile you and your latest offer in one of our weekly electronic magazines: Momentum Mondays, Wealth Creating Wednesdays or Financial Freedom Fridays. This reaches some 25,700 entrepreneurs and growing.

Second, recruit a total of five others that mail, and you'll earn a pair of VIP Tickets to the Strategic Alliance Summit. These are worth $2,497 each, $4,994 in total. These events are deal making Summits, in an exotic setting, and you'll make new friends and do a bunch of deals at the same time.

Third, for those really wanting to support this initiative, recruit ten of your business associates to mail, and we'll upgrade you to our Dolphin Pool Sponsorship at the Strategic Alliance Summit of your choice, worth $7,500. This includes two VIP tickets and ten minutes in front of the entire room early in the week to present your offer or opportunity. We'll also mail to our entire tribe in a solo mailing, and the un-opens the day after. Plus you'll be able to officially share that you're a sponsor of our event.

Someone will win our gifts, might as well be you!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?
No cost to apply, and remember you get two tickets to one of our Strategic Alliance Summits in 2017 worth $1,994. 🙂


Enter Your First Name & Your Email Address To Start The Referral Partner Application

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you 🙂