Are You Nuts?

Yeah, I have to say we’ve heard that phrase a whole bunch lately!  Why you ask?

Because anytime there’s a shift in a paradigm or in ‘current’ thinking, if you’re on the leading edge of that then people in your market segment think you’re nuts and so we’ve been told.

Pressing on…

For the past say 5 to 7 years the trend in the info marketing world has been all about niche experts selling their stuff for what seems to be a coincidental value of ummm…$997 or $1997.  Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re selling exactly but as long as it fits into the category of expert subject matter training, it’s almost always and somehow magically, one of those two price points.


For any of you ‘conspiracy theorists,’ out there, this should perk your ears a little.  Is there a ‘conspiracy?’  No, not really. The fact of the matter is, those prices are chosen for two reasons:

1) They work, psychologically speaking

2) It’s what everyone ‘else’ is pricing their stuff at

Not really rocket science but Entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to pay that kind of money on a whim any longer.

So here’s what’s wrong with this entire model.  Yes, the model is actually broken.  The selling of training and knowledge is still operating under the camouflaged premise that it works and will get you results but guess what!  IT RARELY DOES!!!

Not because the creators of said content aren’t super smart and sincere people and not because the content isn’t good.  It’s not that at all.  It’s simply that the way you have to acquire said content isn’t in your best interest.  You buy under duress (buy now or you’ll never get this price again) kind of language and/or ‘buy now because everyone else is and you don’t want to be an oddball.’  That’s really the crux of it isn’t it.  If you really stop and think about the last ‘live event’ you were at and what happened?  There was a ‘too good to be true’ offer at the end, (mad dash to the back of the room) to buy whatever it is with little thought about things like: “Does this really fit into my business right in this moment?” or, I don’t really need this but I’ll buy it anyway just in case one day I do” or “I’m feeling very emotional about this so I’d best get it!”

Can you relate?

Enter a NEW MODEL…a NEW way of thinking.  How about a platform, super easy to access where there’s a ton of content just like the stuff you race to the back of the room for and in many cases, by many of the same experts!

Pay one nominal price, absorb the information at the pace YOU want and have access to it any time you want. Ok that’s just crazy talk!!!  Who on earth is going to take their $2,000 products and put them on your site giving all the members access to it for free?  “You’re nuts!!”

See what I mean!

Have you ever heard of Spotify?  Guess they were ‘nuts’ too huh, because this is exactly their model!  Posting music for free!  When Spotify started, people were like: “Who the heck will want to put their music on a platform that streams it live for free?”  But here’s the thing, what the industry has been doing for ages is fighting all the people who are uploading it for free and then sharing it on all these pirating sites!  Netflix did the exact same thing as did several others. Can’t be a ‘trend’ can it?

And who might be next!!  Take a guess… the information marketing industry!

We get it. WE SEE THE TREND so thus, we are jumping on it because this is where it’s headed.  It’s happened in every other industry so do you think perhaps there’s a chance it might happen here too?

So are we nuts??  Time will tell won’t it.