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For more details on the global launch of our Momentus Learning Portal for Entrepreneurs
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Imagine having dozens of Street-Smart Entrepreneurs
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Here are the eight categories of amazing training programs:

Let's break this down to show you more about each area where we have content
from our Street-Smart Entrepreneur Faculty Members:

Includes: creating excellence, exceeding expectations, getting feedback, handling client complaints, and amazing customer service.

Includes managing money, investing, creating passive income, tax strategies, purchasing strategies, and exit strategies.

Here is an example of some of the amazing programs already accepted in our learning portal:

  1. Molly Mahoney's "Camera Confidence", on how to build your audience and boost your sales with FBLive, value $997;
  2. TR Garland's "Leveraging LinkedIn", on using your FREE LinkedIn Profile to get more: Prospects, Partners, Platforms, Publicity, and Positioning, value $3,000;
  3. Frank Bria's "High Ticket Program Masterclass", on how to start charging $10k or more without selling your time or doing custom projects, value $4,900;
  4. Christine Gallagher's "The Get Clients Online Home Study System" on how to build a list that you can profit from, value $997;
  5. Allen Bonk and Tom Matzen's "How To Raise Capital To Finance The Business of Your Dreams", teaching you how to raise all the money you need to start or scale your business, value $4900;
  6. Mitch Russo's "Coaching System Architect" on how to turn Working Coaches into Wealthy Coaches, value $1,497;
  7. Tom Matzen's "Strategic Alliance Mastery" on how to leverage time, money and influence by doing deals, value $1,997;
  8. Anita Narayan's "Winning Mentality For Life and Business" on how to integrate your inner mastermind; value $2,997;
  9. Tony Maree Toree's "Think Like a Millionaire" on how to condition your mind to create wealth and instill the habits to keep it; value $997;
  10. Kayvon Khalilzadeh's "Effective Entrepreneurship" on how get in the zone and use the tools and habits of highly productive entrepreneurs, value $4,900

This is just a sampling of our amazing programs from our Street-Smart Entrepreneurs.

What our Founding Members say

We gave early access to a select few Entrepreneurs, here's what some of them had to say...

To get access to tens of thousands of dollars of great content, and help figuring out which content to use first, is so helpful! Thanks Tom and Kathy and the team at Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company!!

Anita Narayan
Anita Narayan Author and Strategic Philanthropist

Love the content, love the community and love the ability to save money on training so I can invest in growing my business even more. Thanks so much, grateful for this.

Martin Ricketts
Martin Ricketts Digital Samurai

Ten thousand entrepreneurs can change the world.

That's why we've decided that our global launch will find, inspire and engage 10,000 entrepreneurs. Maybe you'll be one of them.

Here's a hint. You're sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow. You love what you do, but you don't love the pressure and noise that comes with it. You're totally prepared to put in the time, but feel deep down inside that something's missing...

We hear you. And we feel your pain.

You see together, we the founders at Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company have started more than 62 businesses of our own. Employed hundreds of people. Made (and lost) millions.

We've experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows.

And together we've decided that the pain needs to stop. And that includes the pain of always needing to purchase another program every time you need to learn a new skill or strategy.

Our Momentus Learning Portal for Entrepreneurs was created to help you in three ways:

  • Content
  • Perspective
  • and Community

Not just any content but street-smart content that works in the real world, from entrepreneurs that use it every day. That's why we call it the "Right Advice".

As for perspective, that's the combination of the right advice and the wisdom to discover which advice to use and when. In our second phase of the global launch, we'll introduce an artificial intelligence tool, created by a team of researchers led by MIT Graduate and former NASA system engineer Arthur Guest. This amazing tool will help each and every Member know which program or course to take next, to get the most impact in their business. That's why we call this the "Right Time". Stop taking programs when others want to sell them to you. START taking programs when they make sense to you and your business.

And third, none of this matters unless you get results.

So in addition to over one hundred thousand dollars of amazing content and our software to guide you to take the most helpful program at the right time, we're creating a global community of like-minded Entrepreneurs. Those committed to doing good and making money at the same time. Those committed to more profits and more freedom. People like you! With this community we'll focus on helping you with two main things: effective decision making and leveraging your time, money and influence using strategic alliances or (Joint Ventures as some call them).

The decision making skill set is the single most powerful tool that we can all sharpen and improve. The better we are at deciding, the less time we waste the less pressure and noise we have in our business and the sooner we reach and exceed our goals.

Strategic Alliances additionally, are all about leveraging the three most important assets we have. Time, money and influence. You might know this as joint ventures, doing deals, or partnerships. We call it Strategic Alliances, in part because, done right, it is the single most strategic thing you can do for your business.

Together, it's all about getting the "Right Results".

Below we'll explain more and introduce you to the eight areas of content on the site and even introduce you to some of our street smart entrepreneurs.

Join us on this journey and let us help you make more profits and have more freedom.

- Warmest personal regards,

Tom Matzen & Kathy Daly-Unfricht, and the team at
Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company,
part of The Midas Group of Companies, Inc.

So easy to access

We designed this amazing content to be easy for you to access whenever you want

  • 24/7 Access To All The Programs

    You lead a busy life. Isn’t it time you had content and training available on demand, 24/7, rather than when the presenters have time? We think so too.

  • Any device you use

    Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and all smart phones.

  • Program Progress is Tracked For You

    We’ve all done it. Started a program, then quit before we finished it. We want you to get results, and that means finishing the programs that matter. So we’ve built in great tracking systems to make it easy and inspiring to complete.

Awesome Value!

The single biggest reason to become a Founding Member is the tremendous value you will receive.

Already we have over one hundred thousand dollars in high value content, and with more Faculty Members being accepted each week that number and the content continues to grow.

And it's not the just the quantity of content. The quality is amazing! Each Street-Smart Entrepreneur Faculty Member has been selected because they are experts in the area of content they teach. They live and breathe this material. And they're great at sharing their wisdom.


Help Us Help Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

In addition to helping yourself, your membership helps Entrepreneurs in developing nations across the globe, we believe in something called Strategic Philanthropy.

So, for every single Founding Membership we'll contribute $10 of the $197 to fund micro-loans in these developing countries. For two decades the Founders of the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company have supported micro-lending and we're proud to carry that on that tradition to this venture.

Help us help other entrepreneurs across the globe! You'll be so glad you did!


Earn Fantastic
Referral Commissions!

As if getting access to over one hundred thousand dollars of great content for only $197 wasn't enough, our Founding Members get to join our amazing Referral Program and earn some serious cash recruiting others to join.

During our global launch you'll get $100 of the $197 lifetime access fee, or just over 50% of the total sale! Second Tier Referrals will earn $25 as well.

Once we transition to monthly dues, Members will pay $97 a month for access. You'll earn 25% of that for life. And a second Tier lifetime referral fee of 5%.

Imagine if Netflix paid you 25% of the dues for life? 🙂

Plus, because we truly believe in Strategic Alliances, you'll earn two tickets to one of our Strategic Alliance Summit live events just for applying (worth $1,994 on their own), and you can earn other great prizes in our Launch Contest.

So be sure to enter the giveaway but if you're ready to invest $197 now, click below (and if you win the contest we'll refund the $197 of course).

Lifetime access to tens of thousands of dollars of great content for $197! That's a no-brainer.


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